Thursday, August 8, 2013

How To Create US Bank Account To Verify Your PayPal In Nigeria

I'm  going to teach you how to create genuine Us Bank account plus a master card that is attached to it and with that master card you can withdraw your money any where in the world not only in Nigeria, just as you use your ATM in your bank here in Nigeria You will use it to withdraw your money in any ATM with master card logo in Nigeria Banks like first bank, GTBank, UBA etc

What More Can I do With this US bank account ?

With this US bank account you can do a lot online and you can use 
it to verify your paypal, withdraw paypal money and withdraw it here in Nigeria Bank, once the ATM has mastercard logo!
You can use it to buy and sell online, buy and sell on eBay, amazon, withdraw you money from Google adsense and withdraw your affiliate money with any US company online etc 

Why do i need this Us bank account to survive With my online business?

for you to be a big player online you need this US BANK account with master card to withdraw your money any where in the world,
you can use it to sell anything to any body any where in this world through paypal and 2check, what i mean is that you can start correcting and sell with credit card on your website and you will withdraw the money in Nigeria or in your on country.

Have you ever dream of becoming a big player online?

 Imagine what it mean when you are excepting credit card online with your website  and when you can render service to anybody any where in this world, that is amazing and that is a dream come through!

Is this US BANK Account only for Nigerians?

No this US Bank account is not only for Nigerians but also for all the Africans, EU, Asian countries and any other person any Where in this world.

Is design for Non-residence of US that are interested to do business in US with US company or to do business with the world through US companies!

What documents do i need to open this account and how much do i need to open this account?

 To open this account you don't need SSN  all you need is Government verified ID in your country, like  drivers license, international passport and national ID card!

You don't need any money even 1 us dollar to open this account all you need is to register and you will get you account number in less than two weeks and letter you will get you Mastercard mail to you with the address you provide when you registered and i will teach you how to use it to verify you PayPal even before the card arrive!

How can i use this US Bank account to verify Paypal?

The best way to enjoy your PayPal account is to verify it with US BANK account, the reason is that it will give you the opportunity to  use Paypal unlimited features suitable for US Merchant and you can send and receive unlimited amount of money online and can also so buy and sell unlimited even though if your country is restricted from paypal. 
we are going to teach you how to bye pass and beat all the security measure so that any time you login to paypal the system will see you activities as  some one from US through US Dedicated IP to protect your Ass!

Its Free Click here to Apply For Your US bank Account and earn $25 instant at

Note: If the link is not working click to download a proxy that you will use to change your Computer IP to US ip then click at  to apply
To Verifying Paypal account  With this US BANK Account is 3000 Naira

 You have to pay 3,000 NAIRA  to my account to buy this package, in two weeks you get the US BANK account number to verify your Paypal and the master card will follow after one month!

If you are buying from abroad we charge you 20 dollar!
we accept payment method like: Perfect money and payza!

you will see all the links to fill the US Bank account form online and you will receive your bank account number in e-mail in less than tow weeks so that you will use it to verify your paypal! The paypal will take less than one week to get you verified
CONTACT US AT  OR 08061202944 ,
The mount is 3000 Do you have any question? use the comment box to ask you question and our admin Will answer you!

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Gloria Schmidt said...

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B33H44 said...

I've try several method on how to make US Bank Account but no Luck :(
Couple weeks ago my sister told me she found a website that they had a method.
Here's the link A Guide How To Open An US Bank Account For Non-Resident
I can't believe it work perpect, thanks to my sister and for the owner of this site.
I thought you should try it dude. good luck.

Anonymous said...

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Jack Rice said...

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Anonymous said...

Local scammers, God will soon punish all of you.

Unknown said...

Has anyone tried Auction Essistance for virtual bank accounts?

Susan Barnes said...

I tried Auction Essistance for a Amazon VCC, provided very quickly and still working strong after a couple of months.

Infotanus said...

Nice one oo

Anonymous said...

I still think that Aspkin forums is the only legit place that you can get advice and good quality accounts from.

You guys should check them out.